What to do if you have rodents

If you suspect a rodent infestation in your home, contact me today to inspect your property, and suggest the best non toxic approach to dealing with your rodent problem.

At Rodent Control Australia we’ll provide specialised pest control recommendations to help keep your home or commercial property rodent-free.

Quick summary

  1. Rats and mice need food and shelter
  2. Rats and mice are smart
  3. A multi faceted control strategy is required to keep their numbers down

Control strategies

  1. Reduce available food and shelter, particularly around the chook shed and compost.
  2. Install non toxic A24 automatic traps, usually 2 for a domestic house. These attract the rodents with a food lure, kill them instantly with gas operated piston, and automatically reset for 23 more kills.
    These traps are particularly useful if you wish to avoid using toxic baits.
  3. Toxic baits. These are food baits laced with poison, that the rats and mice eat. Usually 1 feed is sufficient to kill them within 3 – 7 days.Warning: Larger animals and birds are also susceptible to these baits. Successful use of baits requires that only rats and mice have access to the bait.
  4. Persistence. Maintaining a constant trapping presence , as well as minimising food and shelter options is the best strategy. Then there are times like autumn/ winter when the rats and mice get cold and wet and look for shelter and food. Your house! It is imperative to have a good control strategy operational during this time, controlling the population as they gather in.

We can also install and link the A24 traps to your phone to keep tabs on the number of kills, so you know when to reload your traps.

A typical property inspection – and installation of any traps purchased if applicable, will cost about $140.

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