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Rodent Control Australia offers information and advice to help people solve their rodent infestations, as well as selling the new automatic A24 rat and mouse trap, an indispensable component of an effective long term control strategy.

We will help you understand the pest, why they are around and how to get rid of them.

Consultation & Installation

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Lures & CO2

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How does a Goodnature trap work?

Our traps are a little different from other pest traps, as they use CO2 gas which allows the trap to automatically reset.

While it’s very different from a trap you may have worked with in the past, Goodnature traps are a reliable, sustainable solution for your pest problem.

Chirp – the latest innovation in trapping

The new Goodnature Bluetooth™ product – Chirp, counts each pest your trap has killed and shares this data to your smartphone. No more guesswork, no more notebooks.

Installation and Management

Learn how to set up and maintain a Goodnature trap using our resource information, guides, and videos.